10+ Vehicles Involved in Interstate 90 Crash

Pennsylvania State Troopers reported late Wednesday afternoon that at least ten vehicles were involved in a road accident on Interstate 90.

According to witnesses, heavy wintery whiteout conditions and slippery roads greatly contributed to the accident. Reportedly many vehicles tried to slow down to adjust to the conditions, but the situation quickly got out of hand when many of the vehicles started sliding all over the road, creating a chain reaction of crashes. Thankfully there were no serious injuries reported in the incident.

One truck driver, Jeff Heavner, said that his large truck started to slide on the road, and he had to maneuver his vehicle at the last minute to hit another semi truck instead of plowing into a different vehicle with a family inside.

The westbound portion of the highway, where the accidents occurred, was shut down for several hours to clean up damage from the wreck. Maintenance crews were also on the scene to clean up a diesel fuel leak.

Source: YourErie.com

Source: http://www.yourerie.com/news/local-news/at-least-10-vehicles-multiple-semis-involved-in-i-90-accident/635872886

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