18-Wheeler Crash Damages Canal Street Bridge

An 18-wheeler crash that took place Thursday afternoon caused traffic chaos for thousands of Mobile, Alabama commuters. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, an 18-wheeler truck overturned near the Wallace Tunnel on westbound Interstate 10, causing bumper-to-bumper traffic all afternoon and evening.

The truck reportedly was carrying several steel spools, weighing 19,000 pounds each, when it struck the Canal Street Bridge. Authorities are not yet sure what caused the truck to originally crash. Bridge repairs will apparently take several days, as new concrete will have to be poured.

However, the bridge is still functional, though delays will occur due to construction over the next few days.

Source: Local15TV.com

Source: http://local15tv.com/news/local/overturned-1-wheeler-shuts-down-major-thoroughfare

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