18-Wheeler Hauling Pigs Crashes Near Dallas – Pigs Run Hog Wild

Early this morning an 18-wheeler truck hauling hundreds of pigs collided with another 18-wheeler and a passenger vehicle, eventually ending with most of the pigs roaming around the crash scene.

The crash took place on Interstate 45 near Wilmer, Texas. After the collision, the truck carrying the pigs turned on its side and burst into flames. Thankfully the driver was able to escape unharmed. No other injuries were reported. though several pigs reportedly died.

After the trailer flipped, most of the pigs in the flipped trailer escaped and began to walk around the roadway, eventually stretching out over a 3-4 mile area.

Authorities stated that they have not yet concluded what initially caused the accident, since prior to investigating the incident they had to first corral the hundreds of loose pigs roaming the area while also making sure they didn’t get hit by moving cars.

After over four hours of the freeway being shut down, emergency crews were finally able to gather all the pigs and move them into another trailer for transportation.


Source: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2017/06/29/18-wheeler-carrying-hogs-crashes-and-catches-fire-closing-i-45/

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