Adam Banicki and William Harris Killed in Trucking Accident Near Lindale, Texas.

Two UPS workers killed in a trucking accident last Wednesday have been identified as William Samuel Harris of Middleburg and Adam Ronald Banicki of Jacksonville.  The trucking accident happened on Interstate 20 outside on Lindale. Investigators believe that the truck driven William Harris, in which Adam Banicki was a passenger, collided into the rear of another truck driven by Ivan Bloshko.  The collision resulted in the tractor trailer occupied by William Harris and Adam Banicki bursting into flames.  UPS released a statement identifying the two men as UPS long service drivers based out of Florida.  According to their statement, UPS is cooperating in the investigation, as the cause of the trucking accident remains  unknown at this time.  Ivan Bloshko, the driver of the second truck, survived the collision.

Without knowing the cause of the collision, it is impossible to say who is responsible and whether any of the parties involved have a legal claim to pursue. But the parties should not wait until the police complete their investigation to retain a lawyer. Qualified and experienced trucking attorneys have the resources to conduct their own investigation into the cause of trucking accidents, and these independent investigations may uncover evidence that the police officers missed or simply did not find relevant to their purposes.   If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, retain a trucking lawyer immediately to make sure your interests are being protected.

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