All Drivers OK After 18-Wheeler Flips Off Houston Overpass, Lands On Top of Sedan

A bizarre wreck involving an 18-wheeler took place Thursday afternoon when a large tractor-trailer sailed off of a highway overpass and landed right on top of a passenger vehicle below. Miraculously  no one was seriously injured after the incident.

The crash took place at about 1:18 p.m. Thursday in Sugar Land near Houston after heavy rain hit the area all afternoon. On the overpass, the driver of an SUV was reportedly erratically changing lanes when the crashed into the back of the 18-wheeler. This caused the big rig to hit another car, hydroplane, jack-knife, hit the overpass railing, and finally flip off of the overpass, with the trailer landing directly on top of a white Toyota Camry.

Thankfully a good Samaritan, nursing student Lori Lowery, immediately assisted the driver of the Camry, and was able to crawl to the back passenger window and help the driver escape. The Camry driver, who remains unidentified, told reporter that “the tractor trailer fell out of the sky.”

The 18-wheeler driver was also thankfully able to walk away after the crash, and reportedly did not experience any major injuries.

It took emergency workers over 7 hours to remove the 18-wheeler from on top of the Camry. Authorities indicated that the trailer was empty at the time of the wreck, and think that the crash could have been much worse had it been loaded.

Reports did not state whether the driver of the SUV was ever identified. No charges have yet been filed against any drivers at this time.





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