Arnold Delarosa Killed in Fiery 18-Wheeler Wreck

A truck driver, 48-year-old Arnold Delarosa, was killed yesterday morning when his 18-wheeler truck ran into a bridge overpass and caught fire.

The incident took place on Interstate 40 and Bushland in Amarillo, Texas. at about 9:30 a.m. According to reports, Delarosa ran off of the roadway, drove straight through a guardrail, and then fell off the overpass towards the ground, and finally crashing into cement pillars on the bottom side of the overpass. The final crash caused the truck to burst into flames.

Delarosa was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene by a medical examiner. Investigators are looking into exactly why Delarosa originally left the roadway.

Due to the crash with the bridge pillars, engineers from the Texas Department of Transportation were called out to look at the structural integrity of the bridge. A TxDOT spokesperson stated that the section of I-40 westbound will likely be closed for months, as a full bridge replacement is the most likely scenario.

Source: A gas station camera shows smoke billowing from the crash scene under the highway overpass.


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