Austin Car Accident Fatalities At Record High

Eighty-one people have already died on Austin roads to date making this year the deadliest year on Austin roads in decades.  For people that live or visit Austin frequently, this is not a surprise considering what seems to be ever increasing congestion.  According to Vision Zero Task Group, an organization committed to stopping fatal accidents, the number one cause of fatal car accidents on Austin roads is speed followed by improper lane changes, failing to yield the right of way driver distraction, driving under the influence and failing to stop. Vision Zero believes the effort to combat this increase in fatal car accidents will need to be a combination of education, enforcement and engineering.  As the population of Austin will only continue to grow, its roads will only get more dangerous. Hopefully, the efforts of Vision Zero can change this troubling upward trend.

Our Austin Car accident attorneys have over a decade of experience holding negligent drivers and their insurance companies accountable  for the injuries they cause.  Call Michael Lovins in our Austin office today if you are a loved one has been injured on Austin’s roadways due to the negligence of another driver.

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