Clint Torres of Mansfield, Texas Killed In Trucking Accident

Clint Torres of Mansfield, a Dallas and Ft. Worth suburb, was killed on Wednesday in a trucking accident in Colorado.  The Colorado State Patrol is reporting that Duane Olson, who was also killed in the trucking wreck, was driving westbound on US 40 when his semi veered into the eastbound lane of traffic, sideswiping two other semis before colliding head on with the truck driven by Clint Torres.  One of the other truck drivers involved in the collision was injured but not seriously.  Investigators do not know why Duane Olson veered into the other lane of traffic and admit that they may never know.

Getting skilled investigators on the ground collecting and analyzing available evidence is always vital in trucking accident cases, but it is even more so when police investigators do not see a clear cause of the trucking accident.  Often times, the investigators retained by our trucking accident attorneys are able to determine causes that police departments simply overlook or miss.  So, it is important for the family of Clint Torres to understand that the police investigation is not the end all in finding answers as to the cause of this fatal trucking accident.

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