Dangerous Road Design Contributes To Dallas Car Accidents

Driver negligence is not always the sole cause of a car accident. Sometimes the design or maintenance of roadways can play a role. Residents of East Dallas are complaining that the design of the roadway where Lemmon Ave merges with Haskell Ave is causing a large number of car accidents in their neighborhood. One townhome owner reported two cars colliding with his home this summer alone. Residents of the neighborhood also have pictures of an SUV turned on its side and another SUV that ran over a fire hydrant. Residents claim over 100 car accidents in their Dallas neighborhood over the last decade. They believe all these accidents are due to the way Lemmon Ave curves into and merges with Haskell Ave, bringing multiple lanes of traffic together without any of the merging traffic having a stop sign. The City of Dallas is looking at solutions, such as repainting traffic lanes and better signs, but residents believe the only solution is to stop the traffic from Lemmon Ave before the merge, which Dallas is reluctant to do because of potential congestion problems that would create. Click on the video below for more on this story.

What this story highlights is that the causes of accidents may be more complex then they appear on the surface, and without an experienced car accident attorney, parties liable for your injuries may not be held accountable. If you have questions about a car accident, call the Dallas and Austin personal injury attorneys at Wilson Trosclair & Lovins today at 214-484-1930.

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