Frank Palemo, Santos Mendoza, Richard Cruz Killed in Dallas Car Accident

Three individuals were killed and one was injured in an auto accident Monday evening in Dallas. According to police, Frank Palemo, 17, lost control of his Chevy Tahoe while at a high speed and ran into an unoccupied Ford Super Duty pick-up truck. The Chevy Tahoe apparently hit a dip in the road that caused the vehicle to go airborne. Palemo was then ejected from the vehicle. Santos Mendoza, 24, who was in the back seat of the Tahoe, was reportedly killed on impact.

Palemo, along with 2 other passengers, Miguel Cervantes and Richard Cruz, both 20, were all transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately both Palemo and Cruz died in transit to the hospital.

Source: Fox 4 Dallas News

Source: Fox 4 Dallas News

Police are currently investigating whether street racing was involved in the crash. At this time no official report has been released.



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