Mark Boland Killed In Ft. Worth Trucking Accident

Two semi trucks and three cars collided Monday on Interstate 35W near Ft. Worth yesterday resulting in one fatality and four serious injures. Mark Boland of Huntington, Pennsylvania was identified as the deceased.  The four other injured parties in this trucking accident, two critically injured and two severely injured, have not been identified.  It is being reported that investigating officers shut down the roadway for more than three hours to conduct their investigation. The exact cause of the trucking accident has not been disclosed at this time. Early reports, however, indicate that the driver of the 18 wheeler collided into the rear of Mr. Boland’s car, causing a chain reaction of other collisions.

While there are no reports as to what specifically caused the driver of the 18 wheeler to collide into the rear of Mr. Boland’s vehicle, our trucking accident attorneys see the same common acts of negligence over and over again in the cases we handle: driver inattention, excessive hours on the road, poor training, cell phone use, drug use, faulty brakes, and improper truck maintenance. What is obvious from these common causes of trucking accidents is that if companies and drivers took safety seriously, our roads would be a lot safer since these causes are very easy to remedy.


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