Four injured in Humble Manufacturing Accident

Four employees of Lightening Rod and Pipe in Humble, Texas suffered workplace injuries earlier today in a manufacturing accident, three of which were seriously injured.  It is being reported that the four employees suffered burns to their faces from hot plastic.  Early investigations indicate that a machine used to melt plastic pellets and then mold the plastic into pipes malfunctioned.  The employees determined there was a clog, and after opening up the machine, hot plastic material sprayed from the machine injuring the employees.  At this time it appears that he employees were not wearing masks.  Two employees were taken by ambulance to the hospital and one was taken by LifeFlight.  One of the employees was treated at the scene.  The condition of the other three employees is unknown at this time.

Workplace injuries, such as this manufacturing accident, continue to rise in Texas.  What makes this all the more concerning is the current state of workers’ compensation in Texas. Texas remains one of the few states that does not require all employers to carry workers’ compensation.  But even when there is a workers’ compensation plan in place, Texas’ workers’ compensation system continues to deny valid claims and unfairly compensate injured workers.  As for companies that opt out of workers’ compensation, they often purchase polices that provide very little benefits to injured employees.  Hopefully the gentleman in this workplace accident will be  adequately compensated for their injuries.

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