Intoxicated Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatal Fort Worth Car Accident

Twenty-five year old Brittany Burton’s decision to drink and drive lead to the death of another driver this past Saturday. Investigating officers have determined that Ms. Burton entered Interstate 35 near Rosedale Street heading the wrong way on the highway. An officer witnessed her driving the wrong way and tried to get her attention, but Ms. Burton failed to stop. Minho Park had to swerve in an effort to avoid a car accident with Ms. Burton, which resulted in him wrecking with second car. As Mr. Park stood on the shoulder with the driver of the car he wrecked with evaluating the damage to their cars, a van struck and killed the second driver, narrowly missing Mr. Park. Brittany Burton was stopped further down the interstate, where it was determined that she was intoxicated. She has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter and endangering her 6 month old child who was in the car with her at the time.

Although Ms. Burton’s car did not directly strike the deceased, there is no doubt that her actions were the cause of this fatal Fort Worth car accident. Her decision to drink and drive endangered not only the lives of those on the roadway, but also the life of her 6 month old child. Ms. Burton needs to be held accountable for her negligent and reckless actions that resulted in a horrible and completely avoidable tragedy.

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