Joe Crouch and Steve Alford Save Trucking Accident Victim In Freeport, Texas

Joe Crouch and Steve Alford are everyday heroes we do not hear enough about.  The two men were at work when they heard an explosion. What they heard was the results of a trucking accident involving a Dodge Ram pickup, a dump truck, and another Dodge pickup. Initial investigations indicate that the Dodge Ram, which was owned by Briggs Equipment, drifted into the opposite lane of traffic where it collided with a dump truck owned by Vernor Materials. The impact of this collision pushed the two vehicles into the other Dodge truck. The explosion from this collision caught the attention of Crouch and Alford, and when they arrived they found the trucks engulfed in flames. They were able to see one person in the Briggs equipment truck but believed he was dead.  When they saw him move, however, they reacted, and with the help of another unnamed bystander, they were able to pull the injured man to safety.  Unfortunately, two others lost their lives in the trucking accident

As Dallas and Austin personal injury attorneys, our days are filled with personal stories of the devastation that trucking accidents such as this one cause individuals and their families. There rarely is much good news with these stories.  But in this case, in the midst of tragedy and loss for two families, three brave strangers saved a third family from a similar fate.  Clearly the world needs more people like Joe Crouch, Steve Alford, and the third unnamed person who put their own lives at risk to save a stranger.

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