Lovins Trosclair Turns A No Offer Case Into A Policy Limits Case

We receive a large number of car accident case referrals from other attorneys who are unable to settle the case without the need to file suit.  We recently settled such a case for the maximum insurance available even thought the insurance company refused to offer the referring attorney any money. The insurance company insisted that the car accident was too minor to cause the back injuries our client suffered.  We disagreed and aggressively pursed our client’s claims.  We first made sure our client received treatment from experts that could properly diagnose and treat his injuries.  We then deposed the expert they designated to argue that the collision was too minor to cause the injuries complained of in our lawsuit.  Based on the statements in that deposition, we moved the Court to strike the expert’s conclusions on the basis that they were unreliable.   After two hearings, we convinced the judge to strike the Defendant’s expert’s opinions.  The time and effort our attorneys put into this case paid off.  On the eve of trial, the insurance company agreed to settle with us.  Initially refusing to pay a dime on this case, the insurance company agreed to pay the entire amount of the policy to our client.  It is a great win for a deserving client.  And it is a testament to our approach to handling cases.

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