Mesquite Car Accident Leads To One Fatality

A car accident in Mesquite, Texas involving one car and two trucks left one driver dead and another injured. According to the investigation of the car wreck, the driver of a Ford Escort, Paul McCoy, collided into a truck that was stalled on the inside lane of Interstate 635 near the Bruton road exit. The Ford Escort then moved into the lane of another truck traveling in the same direction, thereby resulting in another car wreck. Mr. McCoy was killed in the accident, and one of the truck drivers was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Officers do not intend to file charges related to the accident.

Sometimes a car accident appears to be just that- an accident. But on closer inspection, there may be facts indicating that one of the parties involved acted in an unreasonable manner that placed the lives of others in jeopardy. That is why it is always important to talk to a personal injury attorney if you were involved in an accident. Know your rights and take advantage of the legal protections available to you. Call the Austin and Dallas personal injury attorneys at Lovins Trosclair today if you were injured due to the actions of another.

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