Caught on Video – Commuter Train Smashes into 18-Wheeler Truck, No Serious Injuries Reported

Disaster was averted Saturday morning when a commuter train smashed straight into the trailer of an 18-wheeler truck.

The crash took place in North Salt Lake, Utah. Due to snowy conditions, the gates and flashing lights at a railway crossing were not operating, and commuters were moving across the railroad tracks as usual. One of these vehicles, a FedEx tractor-trailer, had just crossed over the tracks, when a FrontRunner commuter train slammed right through the trailer portion of the truck.

As you can see in the video below taken from a police dashboard camera, the cab portion of the truck was yanked around, but did not sustain a fraction of the damage of the trailer, which was obliterated as the train sliced right through it.

82 passengers were aboard the train. According to the South Davis Metro Fire Department, no serious injuries were reported among them. It was not reported whether the FedEx truck driver was injured.

The Utah Transit Authority is currently investigating the accident. The gates and lights of the crossing were affected by the harsh weather conditions, but it was reported that even though the gates had correctly defaulted to their “down and active” setting, someone had moved the gates back to their upright position before the crash.


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