Motorcyclist Killed After Collision

A motorcyclist was killed Thursday evening when he collided into a car while getting on a bridge near Tacoma, Washington.

The motorcyclist, an unidentified male, first collided with a car and was knocked from his bike, and was then hit by a second car. Witness reports say that the biker was traveling at over 100 miles per hour.

A state patrol spokeman, Todd Bartolac, said that the motorcyclist was also changing lanes over metal grates on an older portion of that particular span of the bridge, stating “He was not from here, and he may not have known the bridge here.”

The motorcyclist was apparently traveling with a group of other bikers before he sped away from the group. Bartolac said “it was so fast the other guys couldn’t keep up.”

Three of the four lanes of the bridge were shut down for over three hours while the area was cleared.

Source: The News Tribune

Source: The News Tribune


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