Meet Paralegal Cruz Andrade

My name is Cruz Andrade, and I’m the pre-litigation paralegal for the Lovins Trosclair Dallas office. I’ve been with the firm since August of 2016, and I’ve loved every second I’ve spent here.

Before working for Lovins Trosclair, I  prepared taxes for H&R Block. After many  years, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in law, which led to paralegal work  for another firm in the Dallas area for five years. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the experience I had hoped for, so when I was offered the position at Lovins Trosclair, I accepted wholeheartedly.

My interest in  paralegal work stemmed from my desire to one day work as a lawyer. Initially, I just wanted to see the behind-the-scenes, everyday work of a lawyer, but after my own hands-on experience, I knew that becoming an attorney was my dream.

After I complete school, I plan on practicing criminal law. I have seen many people, especially in the Hispanic community, who are uneducated about their rights. They are often lied to or taken advantage of, and it is my goal to stop these practices from happening. I plan to stay in the Dallas area and positively impact as many lives as I can during my career.

When I say that I love every aspect of my job, I truly mean it. I have learned so much from Pete in the short amount of time that I’ve worked with him. He has allowed me to do so much more than the previous firm would allow, and I have gained invaluable experience from working with him. Last year, I was working full time while going to school, but I decided to take a semester off so that I could gain more work experience. I plan on returning to school soon!

In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, going to the movies, and hanging out with my family. My husband’s name is Francisco, and we have two daughters named Julissa and Yahaira. Julissa plays competitive soccer for FC Dallas, and she also does judo and speed training. Yahaira also takes judo classes, and I’m sure soccer will spark her interest as she gets older. Francisco and I also have seven American Bullies running around the house. We have three adult females, one adult male, and one 4-month-old puppy.

Francisco and I have been together since middle school, and we married in 2006. We are both from the Dallas area, and many of our family members live nearby. My father, who also dreamed of becoming a lawyer when he was young, lives with my family as well. My father raised me, and I credit him for teaching me what it means to work hard. When he was young and living in Mexico, he had to quit school in first grade so he could help support his family. Although he never got to live out his dream of becoming an attorney, he learned how to do upholstery. He is excellent at what he does, and he actually works out of our home!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. We will see you soon.


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