Driver Killed in Crash Between Two 18-Wheelers

Early this morning an 18-wheeler driver was killed after his truck crashed into another 18-wheeler on the side of Interstate 10 near Highway 6 near Houston.

According to news reports, at about 5:15 a.m., a truck driver pulled over to the right shoulder of the highway due to mechanical problems. The driver displayed emergency indicators to alert other drivers on the highway. After the driver returned to his truck, another 18-wheeler struck the first 18-wheeler from behind on the shoulder of the highway. The driver of the second 18-wheeler was killed in the crash.

As seen in the photo below, the crash was so catastrophic that the cab of the second truck went all the way into the rear trailer of the first truck.

Investigating officials believe the deceased driver fell asleep on the roadway, since they found no indicators that he had used his brakes.

Neither driver has been identified so far. It was also not reported whether or not the driver of the first 18-wheeler was injured.



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