North Texans Need to Prepare For Longer Commutes Over The Next Five Years

If the daily commute on Interstate 635 wasn’t bad enough, North Texas commuters can expect construction delays for the next five years.HOV lanes from Central Expressway to Interstate 35 were already shutdown this weekend between Luna Road and Midway Road heading east and Midway Road and Joe Radcliff Pedestrian Walkway heading west.Additional HOV lanes will be shutdown throughout the summer for construction. The $2 billion construction project will consist of reconstructing frontage roads, rebuilding bridges, and the addition of new lanes.All too often these traffic delays result in numerous accidents due to driver inattention. Possibly the worse news for many commuters- the construction will at least partially be funded through the addition of toll lanes to I-35 and I-635.

So, if our commute takes you across I-635, you may want to start planning for commuting delays followed by increased commuting expenses.

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