NTTA Taking Steps To Reduce Wrong Way Car Wrecks On Tollways

Since 2006, there have been thirty wrong way car wrecks and five fatalities on toll roads in North Texas. Not surprisingly, all of these accidents involved drunk driving. In an effort to reduce the number of wrong way crashes, NTTA will lower the ‘Wrong Way” and ‘Do Not Enter” signs on tollways. While this may seem like an insignificant step, research indicates that this simple change can make a big difference in reducing car wrecks. Studies show that drunk drivers have a lower field of focus when they are driving, and they are less likely to see signs above their focus area. Thus, by lowering the signs from seven feet from the ground to two feet, these signs should be more visible to impaired drivers and hopefully reduce the number of tragic events on North Texas roadways. For more on this story, click the below video.

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