Semi-Truck Driver Falls Asleep on Highway and Crashes, Starting Fire

The driver of a semi-truck reportedly fell asleep at the wheel Monday afternoon, causing a wreck on Interstate 65 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

The driver, Tim E. Wright, 50, was driving his 18-wheeler truck hauling water bottles when he fell asleep, causing his truck to drift off the highway. Wright woke up just as he was heading for a bridge, and attempted to swerve, but instead ran into the wall of the bridge. This collision caused the trailer to jackknife, thus blocking up all of the northbound lanes.

Driving right behind Wright was a diesel tanker truck. The driver of this truck could not stop in time and crashed straight through the jackknifed trailer. By this time the first 18-wheeler had already caught on fire.

Thankfully both drivers escaped the accident and the fire without any injuries.

The northbound lanes were eventually opened back up after several hours, but traffic delays extended for several miles.




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