Steven Bourgoin Arrested in Deadly Car Accident After Driving Wrong Way on Highway

Steven Bourgoin, 36, was arrested last week for his role in a car accident that killed 5 teenagers and injured 5 others. Bourgoin was driving the wrong direction down Interstate 89 in Vermont when he struck 8 other cars late last Saturday night.

Bourgoin first struck a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, which burst into flames. 5 teenagers were inside and were killed in this collision. The victims were Mary Harris, 16, Cyrus Zschau, 16, Janie Cozzi, 15, Liam Hale, 16, and Eli Brookens, 16. They were reportedly returning home from a concert in Burlington, Vermont. Police report that Bourgoin was driving 79 miles per hour when the cars collided.

A police officer from Williston, Vermont arrived after the crash and immediately began to try to extract the teenage victims out of the car and extinguish the fire. At this time, Bourgoin stole the officer’s car and drove away.

Other officers gave chase to the Bourgoin when he then turned the car around and drove once again in the wrong direction down the highway at speeds of up to 107 miles per hour, back towards the original crash scene. In the chaos he struck 7 other vehicles containing 14 people. 5 of these people went to the hospital with non-critical injuries. 4 of the vehicles were later considered totaled, including the police car. Upon striking the final vehicle Bourgoin was thrown the stolen car, which then burst into flames.

At this time police state that they have no evidence that Bourgoin was drunk or intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Having suffered serious injuries, Bourgoin was transported to the University of Vermont Health Center. He was served with the arrest warrant in his hospital room the following Tuesday, October 11th, and placed under custody of the Vermont Department of Corrections. Bourgoin was charged with reckless or gross negligent vehicle operation and operating a vehicle without owner consent.



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