Texas Removes Approximately 2000 Unsafe Commercial Trucks From Our Highways

As discussed in my prior post, Texas participated in Roadcheck 2011, which is a national effort to remove dangerous commercial vehicles and dangerous commercial drivers from our highways. It was reported that this year Texas inspected nearly 8000 commercial trucks and buses, with 26.5% of the inspected vehicles being removed from service due to safety issues such as bad tires and brakes. This is a positive step in keeping dangerous 18 wheelers, buses, and other dangerous large commercial vehicles from causing unnecessary injuries and wrongful deaths on our highways. What is most telling about these statistics, however, is that despite the extensive regulations requiring constant inspections and maintenance of commercial trucks, trucking companies continue to routinely ignore these laws choosing instead to put their profits ahead of the safety of Texas families. There is really no excuse why any truck should ever be put into service unless it meets the minimum safety requirements dictated by state and federal laws. Bad brakes on an 18 wheeler in crowded rush hour traffic in Dallas or other cites all too often results in unnecessary injuries and deaths that could have been avoided.

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