Truck Rear-Ends 18-Wheeler, Causing Massive Crash on San Antonio Highway

A massive wreck unfolded Monday morning in San Antonio when a pickup truck collided into the back of an 18-wheeler. The accident occurred on Southwest Loop 410 at about 4 a.m.

Reports state that the pickup struck the 18-wheeler in the rear of the trailer, causing it to crash in the westbound lanes of the highway. Soon afterwards, a tanker truck hauling jet fuel also crashed into the truck, and the tanker rolled over and spilled the fuel on the highway. The driver of the tanker truck reported that he could not see the accident ahead because of heavy fog.

The pickup driver that caused the wreck reportedly ran away from the accident on foot. Police have not yet located this person. Thankfully, neither driver of the 18-wheeler or the tanker trunk appeared to be injured.

Cleanup of the wreckage and the spilled jet fuel forced a closure of the westbound lanes of the highway, while the eastbound lanes remained open.

Police have not yet determined an exact cause of the accident, nor whether any of the drivers will face charges.

Source: Fox News San Antonio

Source: Fox News San Antonio



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