Two 18-Wheelers Collide at Stevenson, Alabama Gas Station, One Injury Reported

According to Stevenson, Alabama police, two 18-wheeler trucks collided Thursday  morning at a gas station off of Highway 72, injuring one of the drivers.

One of the large trucks, hauling waste, was moving west on the highway as it began to make a right-hand turn into the gas station. Police stated that this driver did not see another 18-wheeler truck ahead of it, also turning right into the station. The first truck crashed into the rear of the turning truck from behind, causing the turning truck to lose control and plow right into the gas station itself.

For all the chaos, luckily only one injury was reported, being the driver who was driven into the gas station by the first truck. That driver was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The truck that crashed into the station spilled about 150 gallons of fuel after the accident, but it was quickly contained by responding firefighter crews who spread out absorbent materials to gather the fuel.



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