Two Dead In Fairview Texas Workplace Accident

Two workers attempting to locate a clog in a waste water line became trapped in a man hole after either losing oxygen or becoming overwhelmed by fumes. The two workers were employed by SJ Lewis and were working a contract job for the North Texas Municipal Water District at the time of the fatal work place accident. According to a third employee at the scene, the first employee was in the manhole when he was overcome by fumes or a lack of oxygen, and the second worker went in after him to assist. The third worker called 911 and reported that both men were unconscious. It is also reported that neither man was wearing a protective breathing apparatus at the time of the accident. The company both men worked for, SJ Lewis, was previously cited for seven federal workplace infractions in the last five years. OSHA is currently investigating this workplace accident.

While the exact cause of this horrible incident remains unknown, this tragedy does highlight the dangers many of our citizens face while trying to provide for their families. Workplace safety needs to be a priority, whether it is providing workers better safety equipment or better training. There is simply no excuse for employers in dangerous occupations like this one failing to follow common sense safety guidelines as was as comply with their legal obligations to protect the health and lives of their employees. Yet, day after day fathers and mothers are injured or killed in accidents that could have easily been avoided if safety guidelines were followed. If you or a loved one was injured in a workplace accident, the Dallas and Austin personal injury attorneys at Wilson Trosclair and Lovins can help. Call us today at 214-484-1930.

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