Update On Fatal Dallas Trucking Accident

Yesterday we posted about a fiery Dallas trucking accident that claimed the lives of two adults, two children, and an unborn baby.  Since then we have learned that the tractor trailer was owned by Southeastern AG Transport.  Investigations into this company have uncovered multiple safety violations by the trucking company and its truck drivers, including 10 unsafe driving violations, a driver found to be under the influence of drugs, and 52 maintenance violations, such as over worn tire tread, inoperative turn signals, and improperly secured equipment.  Thee truck at issue in the fatal Dallas trucking accident was driven by Rickey McGinnis.  The victims remain unidentified at this time.

While the exact cause of the trucking accident is still unknown, the truck driver’s earlier statement that maybe he had a tire blowout should be assigned a little more importance in light of the numerous past safety violations by this company.  A trucking company that routinely ignores the safety of others should not be permitted to operate on our roadways.  And if it is determined that faulty maintenance of the truck or tires is what led to this horrific tragedy, this company needs to be held accountable to the fullest extent the law allows.

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