Video: Kazakh Helicopter Pilot Stops on Highway to Ask Truck Driver for Directions: Not Your Everyday Traffic Stop

Count this as unexpected weirdness for a highway traffic stop. Earlier this month a video surfaced showing what is apparently a Kazakh Air Force Helicopter landing on a highway in the middle of a snowstorm right in front of several tractor-trailers.

One can clearly see in the video a passenger get out of the helicopter, run towards one of the truck drivers, and exchange words. While no one in our office is able to speak Kazakh, Russian, or any of the other many languages spoken in Kazakhstan, we have no real idea about what’s going on, but it appears to be a friendly conversation between the helicopter crew member and truck driver.

Many online commentators are guessing that the crew member is asking the truck driver for directions. Given the fact that this takes place in the middle of a blinding snowstorm, it seems as reasonable a guess as any.

Watch it for yourself here:

Original Source:


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