Why I Represent Oilfield Workers

This picture best explains why I represent injured oilfield workers. My father worked offshore as a tool pusher until his back was severely injured due to the negligence of another worker. In an instant, his twenty plus year career was gone, his ability to earn an income was gone, and his life was filled with constant pain that was never gone. I saw first hand the toll this took on his life. And when he finally had a glimmer of hope after a jury of his peers awarded him $705,000 in compensation for his injuries, the Court system took that hope away from him by reversing the jury’s decision. This is what motivates me.

I want to do my part to make sure negligent operators are held accountable so that they make safety a priority. And I want to make sure that injured workers get the quality of representation they deserve so that even if their careers are taken away from them, their ability to provide for their families is not.

-Pete Trosclair

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