William Edwards Killed In 18 Wheeler Accident in Terrell, TX

William Edwards was killed when an 18 wheeler collided into the rear of his car while traveling on Interstate 20 in Terrell, TX.  The investigation into the collision indicates that a prior collision involving a Fed Ex truck caused traffic to slow in the area.  Gurwinder Singh, who was driving an 18 wheeler, failed to brake in response to the slowing traffic and collided into Mr. Edwards’ car and three other trucks.

Having represented clients injured or killed in 18 wheeler accidents for over 14 years now, the most common factor I see in these very preventable collisions is driver inattention.  Too many commercial truck drivers still do not recognize the danger they cause other drivers by failing to keep their eyes focused on the road in front of them.  The most common cause of driver inattention is fatigue due to exceeding permitted  driving time or cell phone use while driving, despite clear federal regulations prohibiting these two behaviors.  It is necessary to continue to hold drivers and trucking companies responsible for the harm they cause until they starting placing the safety of others as a priority.

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